Repurposing Old Stuff – DIY Shelf Unit

This was actually my partner’s idea, but since I’m the one who put it to use I will take the credit: a shelf made from an old ladder!


This shelf was made using an old beat up aluminum ladder that I cut in half for the task and 3/4″ plywood for the shelves. I used 2×10 blocks for the middle supports, but they didn’t need to be that serious, I just had scraps around.

True, ladders have been used as shelves in other applications, but I haven’t seen them set up in this way. So there you go – something cool to do with an old ladder or two. We might build something like this inside our house.

Or maybe not.

Be sure to check out my book about building a bridge. It includes some cool ideas that apply to other projects, like how to put a really tall post into a deep hole when you aren’t that tall. Amazon has the book on sale for about $14.50 right now. Here is the link:

Building a Small Cable Suspenion Bridge with the Cable Locking System

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