A Spiral Staircase Project

Here’s a staircase that I built for our house back in 1981 or thereabouts. It was about 9 feet 6 inches from floor to floor and I wanted about an 8 inch rise. That meant 12 steps or treads with the second floor representing step 13.


I figured out the location of the landings and designed my stairway so it would wrap about 3/4 of the way around the column. I built the column using 16 2x4s that I cut at 22-1/2 degree angles with an outward face equal to 1-1/2 inches or the width of a 2×4.

The wedges were glued together and strapped. I used a block of wood and a hammer to get the pieces flush with each other (see inset). Next were the supports and stairs.

I used a skill saw, drill, chisel and rasp to create holes through the column. I added blocks to keep them from slipping back. The stairs and rail posts were attached to the supports. I built the rail out of thin strips of redwood called bender board. I glued them together and sanded. I put one on the bottom as well, to stabilize the staircase and also look cool.

I never quite finished the project. In fact, about five years later, I changed my mind about the location of the landings and reversed everything. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I wound up having to cut the column and then add a new piece in the middle, which you can see in the top photo.

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