Welcome to Wildcat Man’s Blog!


I’ve been a designer and carpenter for 40+ years and have constructed or remodeled just about everything from chicken houses to restaurants. For me, the challenge of building is figuring out how to create something in an efficient, practical way, while making it esthetically pleasing. This blog will highlight a lot of techniques and/or designs that I have come up with or observed over the years.

The photo above is me working on my 80 foot long suspension bridge. I created a “cable locking system” for this design (U.S. Patent No. 7,866,909), and I published a book:

Building a Small Cable Suspension Bridge With the Cable Locking System: http://www.wildcatman.com.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be posting more soon.


One thought on “Welcome to Wildcat Man’s Blog!

  1. Fascinating stuff. I’ll be watching for your next post. I’m in the middle of building a wooden arch bridge now. So far, so good.
    Hope you’re still “out there.”
    TB in KS

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